Three questions for Roberto Cipresso

Roberto Cipresso

Roberto Cipresso is one of the most famous Winemaker in the world.
Drawing a parallel, Cipresso can be considered as famous as Mick Jagger or Bono Vox in the world of rock music. For that reason, I was surprised when he answered to three questions (..and just in a few days!) that I posted in my blog for him.
I’m not so popular, I’m just a blogger..that confirm me an idea of mine: at the end of the day, a “Big”, a really important person is nothing else but a modest man.

Thanks, Roberto!

Here’s the interview:

Many people says Nature is showing alarming signs, such as sudden climatic changes: thanks to your travelling all through the wolrd, have you noticed similar signes also into the grape growing sector that could influence wine quality, or you think this is an unjustified alarmism?

About grapevine surviving and growing possibilities, I would say there is no need to be worried about; vine is a real adaptable species, able to find heri own way even in a new climatic setting.
Certanly, if those extimations are correct, vine’s world would suffer deeply, pushing itself to a new pianification, a new selection of grape varieties, distorting the election’s terroir of the grapevine and of the most important vine in the world.
Not underestimating consequences of such a climatic changing, with its serious social and economic effects,  I have to admit there could be also a positive consequence, a positive evolution; we would be forced to a new reserch to get the best grape for the new grapegrowing, free from the now-a-days tradition’s bonds or present trand.

Reading  charter “Secondo Bicchiere” of “Vinosofia” (Vinosofia is a second bestseller of Roberto Cipresso),  I felt some similarities with “Brucia Troia”, a Vinicio Capossela song (Vinicio Capossela is a wonderful Italian artist): even in this text, wine has the job of enlighting ardor and obscuring warrior fear”.
For that, don’t you think wine could be considered an Art, with the same evocative power of the letterature, poem or music?

Sure, it should be without any doubt, and for many reasons! First of all, becuse wine is something unique, unrepeatable, made by human intelligence and nature. Second point, wine is something alive, constantly changing, different in each moment in taste it. And also wine is part of our colture, closely connected to other artistic experssions.

Does any grape variety soprised you more thant others? A varity you distrusted at the beginning but in the and you had to change your mind.

Every time I find a new grape variety, still unknown for me, I’ve got a sort of  prejudice, fear of something that has got its own life, and its own pecularities you have to interpret more than control.
From among several surprising varieties, I would like to mention Pignolo, a Friuli grape variety, prideful and dignified, with so much vehemence you have to balance with an appropriate operation, and Nebbiolo, a really difficoult wine to handle, that needs a continously attention – for that reason, I usually call it grape of vine grower but not of winemaker.
Another particolar and multiform grape variety is Grenache, also known as Cannonau, Garnacha, Alicante or Tocai Rosso. When you think you got it, it surprise you by changing and according itself to the growing ambient.

Translated by Paola Camber

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